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Post by EIS » 11 Sep 2014, 01:03

Does this forum have the capability to display a list of the latest posts on all of the different forums?

Additionally, does the forum have the capability to 'watch' specific threads and send an email when there are new posts to the thread?

Some forums have the above capabilities, but I don't know if this forum has those features.

Thank you...
Earl Staley

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Re: Latest Posts

Post by tomtomsf » 11 Sep 2014, 02:24

Yes, Earl. Look for the menu line that stars with "View Unanswered Posts". The next choice on that line is "View Unread Posts". Click on that to get a listing of all the posts that are new to you since the last time you logged on. See screen shot below. (EDIT: Actually, I always use the View New Posts choice. That one will show you only the new posts since your last visit. The View Unread Posts shows you ever post you have never read for all time.

I'm not sure about watching certain threads and getting emails. I suspect you have to turn that on in your profile and have your email address entered there. Maybe someone else can help you out with that request.

Tom G.
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