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New forums

Post by GeraldR » 08 Sep 2017, 19:22

1. Need to add subforums for more Yamaha keyboard types. The current grouping is quirky and too specific at the first level: i.e. there should be top-level subforums for product lines e.g. YC, DX, PSR, DGX, electone etc and within each subsubforums for generic issues and for model-specific issues.
2. A very useful forum would be 'midi' given the very sparse and incomplete Yamaha docs in this area.
3. It's not made clear anywhere but this forum seems to be dedicated to electronic instruments and not Yamaha's large range of acoustic and electronic-acoustic keys.

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Re: New forums

Post by Jan-Eve » 09 Sep 2017, 08:04

Hallo Gerald! I Think that Eileen is doing a great job with this forum. Just ask any question and I or other members will answer it.
If you want more information, go to Yamaha homepage or Reference manuals for each model of keyboard.
Out on internet are a lot webbpages how you can connect 2 keybords with pedals. Hauptwerk for example. Here you can go to a forum in USA, that talks about DGX.
In USA there is also: Organ forum. Pump Organs and other models of Hammond Organs. Repare sections and so on....
Regards Jan - Eve.

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Re: New forums

Post by Eileen » 09 Sep 2017, 11:02

Hi Gerald,
As you will see this forum is more dedicated to Yamaha arranger keyboards and covers the most popular ones that are used. Also we share our music that we play using these keyboards. As Jan-Eve says there are many more forums out there covering what you mentioned.

Genos and S970.

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