Forum Etiquette Please Read

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Forum Etiquette Please Read

Post by Eileen » 24 Aug 2012, 00:00

New Members wishing to join please note that it is preferred that you use your name rather than just letters and numbers. Makes the forum a more friendly environment. Please introduce yourself to the forum and tell us a little about yourself.
Members who join and do not visit or post on the forum will be removed after six months. As all forums we need your input and I am sure you will find something of interest here. Enjoy your stay with us.

Members posting songs are asked to try and keep it to Two new posting per week. This enables all members time to listen and comment before songs go off the first page.
When posting your thank you messages pleased do not make individual posts to each member that has posted comments, try to confine your thank you messages to group answers.
Thank you for your Co-operation, Admin.

Genos and S970.


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