Please Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your musical journey plus what keyboard you have.
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Post by jswirral » 28 Feb 2016, 15:40

Hi folks - I have just joined YKP and the following is by way of introducing myself.

As I am about to start taking it a little easier on the work front - having 'retired' 3 times before but always returned after a few months but this time I am going to be more determined and keep away from the office whilst keeping in touch via emails and Dropbox - and now intend to spend more time pursuing my music interests amongst other things.

On the music front I am totally self taught and bought my first organ - a very basic Thomas - in 1965 before progressing through a number of instruments over the years - these covered a range of Yamaha instruments including a D80 and an E70 - followed by a Lowrey - a Kimble and a Conn - before settling down for a few years with a Wersi Saturn that was delivered to me by the makers plus a bonus of Mark Shakespeare to demonstrate it for Ken Jones the factory owner - this visit led to a friendship that lasted until Mark's untimely passing away.

Later I bought a Yamaha Disklavier G3 grand that was able to playback the PianoSoft type discs and supplemented this with an early Tyros - these instruments were some years later traded for a Clavinova grand and a newer Tyros.

Currently I have a Clavinova CVP609gp and a Tyros 4 - and am tempted by the new CVP709gp - but have yet to convince my wife!!

I am a longtime member of the Yamaha Club run by Glyn Madden but have unfortunately not been able to attend the last three annual club weekends.


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Post by Eileen » 28 Feb 2016, 23:53

Welcome to the Forum John,
I hope you will enjoy being a member here and will take a good look round. We have a very nice performer section and perhaps when you feel like it you would like to post some of your music.. Any questions please ask away.

Tyros 5 and S970.

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