New Bloke

Please Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your musical journey plus what keyboard you have.
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New Bloke

Post by Touzy » 12 May 2016, 04:41

Hello from an old North Eastern Australian male,
Not much to tell, play by ear, just use basic major chords. YUK you may say, but I had a following as a youngie playing for sequence dances because of my rythem, and an understanding of the dances as a dancer.

Mother came from England (Birmingham area) as a girl, but I never had the chance to visit there.

Have 2 PSR Yam's, 1500 & S900.

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Re: New Bloke

Post by Eileen » 12 May 2016, 10:30

Hello Alan and welcome to the forum. Please take time to look around all the sections and join in where you can. Nothing wrong with basic chords at all. I hope you will post us some of your music when ready.
If you have any questions please ask away.

Genos and S970.

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Re: New Bloke

Post by Pamela » 12 May 2016, 12:16

Hi Alan, Welcome from the land of sunshine, hope you enjoy your stay here... Pam :D

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Re: New Bloke

Post by Roland » 12 May 2016, 19:17

Hello Alan,

Welcome to the forum and many greetings from the Canadian Rockies :D And no worries about the "basic major chords". Some of the best songs are done that way :lol:

Cheers, Roland
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