Please Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your musical journey plus what keyboard you have.
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Post by ñeñuño » 14 Oct 2016, 13:51

Hola a todos los que hacen posible este magnifico foro,muchas gracias por pertenecer a este foro

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Re: Saludos

Post by Pamela » 14 Oct 2016, 14:17

Hi Nenuno, Welcome to the forum... Pam :D

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Re: Saludos

Post by Eileen » 14 Oct 2016, 15:46

Hello Nenuno and welcome
I must first say that we are an English speaking forum so please translate for us.
I hope you will enjoy being a member here and join in with some input. Any Questions please ask away.

Genos and S970.

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Re: Saludos

Post by Dragon » 14 Oct 2016, 18:15


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