About myself

Please Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your musical journey plus what keyboard you have.
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About myself

Post by mm60103 » 05 Mar 2017, 21:55

I'm registered under MM60103 but known by Mike to my friends. I've played organ and piano for many years for personal and when press ganged public performances. Generally I never buy new but am happy to buy second hand what a lot of people would have given there right arm for probably 5 years earlier. Instruments I've owned in the past have included a few Hammond tonewheels, several Yamahas and Technics. Although I'm a big fan of Haupwerks and have a fairly decent set up based on an Orla GT3000 I am extremely fortunate in that I have the real thing - a real live Wurlitzer about 2 miles away available to be played. So what about my interest here? Some time ago I decided to have a look at a Tyros. In fairness not my finest hour and as an organist I found it a miserable thing. I had the forthought to stick in the box rather than sell it. I later came across the Orla base unit that the Tyros sit on complete with a lower manual and pedal board. I've heard a similar set up played and it sounded pretty good so worth the effort to make the setup work. Its about now the wheel has dropped off and although I can get a lovely tonewheel organ on the top through the Tyros all I'm getting on the bottom manual is a piano and what sounds like a cello on the pedals. All in all as a default its a winning combination! I'm sure this has been dealt with before and I would appreciate any help pointing me in the righ direction / topics so I can make some headway. :)

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Re: About myself

Post by Dragon » 05 Mar 2017, 23:30

.. Fred

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Re: About myself

Post by Pamela » 07 Mar 2017, 13:39

Welcome to the forum... Pam :D

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Re: About myself

Post by jackoj » 07 Mar 2017, 15:01

Hi Mike,
Welcome to the forum,i own the TRX Tyros 5 and is similar to your setup, what might help your situation is the TRX stick that was made by David Harrild for this type of system. you didn't mention what model your tyros is,why not P.M. me and with more info and i will try to help you.ATB. jackoj :) :)
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Re: About myself

Post by Eileen » 07 Mar 2017, 23:09

Hello and welcome to the forum. You don't say what Tyros you are using but Yamaha produced a Regi Stick to set up a two manual set up or twin set as it is known as. On this it has a template to set up the split in the right place for the bottom keyboard and base pedals if you use them. There are a lot of registrations on the Stick that have bee set read to select ad play. The regi stick is availiable from the Yamaha Club.
I hope you will enjoy being a member here.

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Re: About myself

Post by tyrosman » 17 Mar 2017, 20:14

hi Mike welcome to the forum :)

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