Latest Cyber Attack

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Latest Cyber Attack

Post by Lenny » 04 Jun 2014, 10:16

Copy of an email received today from the Thames Valley Police.

Be vigilant
Message sent by
Natalie Wallace (Police, Corporate Comms Communications Officer, Thames Valley)

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has issued a warning and guidance about a new global online threat in the form of two malware viruses.

Malware is used by cyber criminals to commit theft, fraud and identity fraud against individuals and businesses by infecting their computers.

The latest threat is in the form of two different types of malware known as Gameover Zeus and CrytoLocker which will infect computers via phishing emails.

There is a list of free tools which have been specially developed by internet companies which will scan your computer for the viruses and remove them.

For more information about the malware viruses and advice about how to protect your computer against them visit the Get Safe Online website.


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