Is it worth repairing

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Ken Prescott
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Is it worth repairing

Post by Ken Prescott » 17 Jan 2013, 17:10

Advice needed: I have two computers this desktop, Windows 7 and Norton 360. and a Dell Insiron 1520, about 5 years old.
My requirements are simple, I do not game, or play films etc. Use |Google to connect to three Forums, only send and receive several e mails a week. Recently (after reading a 6 page report fron Joe Walters) I downloaded Apple I Tunes, (this in turn downloaded other Apple items such as I Cloud. Reason for doing this was to try to get my few WAV Files, altered to MP3. so I could send some of them off>

Since then, my Laptop, will not run for more that several minutes. Switching to Dump Mode, and giving me messages such as, your computer did not close down correctly, there may be a programme preventing this. Also Drive C needs to be checked for consistancy.
I am not able to access Norton360 on the Laptop, shut's down if I try.

In case my download of Apple caused this, I have managed to delete all Apple items from the Desktop..
All new computers now seem to come with Windows 8, (except those of Apple)
and I do not want two different operating systems.
I could perhaps afford New, but once again, my children may think I am spending their inheritance.
You may ask, why do I need a desktop, and a laptop. Desktop is at the side of the Tyros4. Laptop allows me to surf the net, and me in the same room as Sheila, usually in the evening
My Norton 360 on both computers runs out in 6 weeks

Members views woukd be appreciated

Ken Prescott

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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Roland » 17 Jan 2013, 18:24

Hello Ken,

Sorry to hear about your laptop problems. Here are some thoughts I hope will help you decide where to go with it:

Conversion: If you don't want to use iTunes to do the conversion - maybe try Audacity (see it is free too. And there are others of course - I use the converter inside Cubase or as external converter Sony's SoundForge. But Apple's iTunes won't break any computers - it may just run slow on older computers and lately asks you to join cloud services. So no harm done if you leave it on the Windows 7 desktop. Just make sure you backup your PC once in a while - either by using Windows own facility or something like Norton Ghost.

Laptop: Did you try to start it in "save" mode? Sometimes that will help and at least lets you backup files before you send it off for repair or to the dumpster :) And if you were to give your laptop away to your children, would they want it? My Windows based hardware rarely lasts longer than 5 to 7 years - I usually replace it after 4-5 years.

Switching to new Windows or non-Windows hardware: If Email and browsing the Internet is mostly what you like to use the laptop for, then the following thoughts might be something to consider: In my view it makes not much difference if you stay with Microsoft or switch to Apple with respect to changes to the new operating systems - they both will look different from what you're used to from XP/Vista/7. If you prefer the Microsoft products, then maybe their new colourful tablets will hit your mark for what you'd like to do.

I was never a big Apple fan, but once I bought my first iPad - I was hooked :lol: I still have both, Windows 7 on a monster PC (this I use for video editing which uses all of the 16 processors and 12Gb of memory once it starts rendering) and I use my iPad for browsing and checking on emails. The iPad is just fantastic: You open the protective cover and it is instantly on. Set-up is very easy, no messing around with daily system updates, and just close the lid to turn it off. It fits into my briefcase (I even use it for customer presentations - no more laptops, overhead projectors and that crap - I just pass around my iPad and the gang can look at the slides they want to.) And - the iPad is easy to put on your Tyros 4 notes stand and it takes up very little space. Last but not least: Your children will not spend a second on an iPad decision - the opposite: They will love you for it. And you will have a hard time using it while they are playing AngryBird on it :lol: I notice that this sounds like I want to sell you an iPad - which I don't want to do; just wanted to share how I felt when I was in the same situation as you are :D

Hope this helps. Cheers, Roland
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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Fred » 17 Jan 2013, 19:47

Hi Ken

A couple of points.

Re: Kids think you are spending THEIR Inheritance. It is your money ENJOY what you can when you can. If there is any left for the kids fine - if not they will appreciate what they earn more.

Re Computer Problems. I'm not sure what you mean by deleting programs from your desktop. It could be that you have only deleted the desktop Icon which is only a short cut to the program.

You will need to go into the Control Panel and FULLY delete the last programmes.


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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Eileen » 17 Jan 2013, 20:02

Hi Ken,
The best idea would be to go back before you installed itunes, there are two ways to go.
1 go to controll panel, click on uninstall programs, from the list select the programs to be removed and click on uninstall,
then do a reboot of the computer, the other way is to go to RESTORE and select a time and date before the downloading of itunes to restore the computer to that moment in time.
To convert wav to mp3 and or the other way round, get the free program call SWITCH, being the simplest one to use.
Hope this helps

Genos and S970.

Ken Prescott
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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Ken Prescott » 18 Jan 2013, 11:10

Thanks to Roland, Fred, and Eileen, for their so prompt replies.
There are several points I wish to make, now that I have said thank you.

1, The only reason I bought a laptop, as well as my desktop, was after my wife passed away, I was depressed and went on a spending spree.

2, It is quite clear, that although I am not computer illiterate, I am a person who can just manage the basics.

3, I removed the Apple items from the computer completly.

4, Sheila's son is very good with Computers, and will be here to see us end of Jan, But he has a high stress job, in London, so the less I ask him to do the better.

5, I have Audicity on the desktop next to the Tyros4, but have never worked out how to use it.

6, I know that I could afford an I Pad, and may consider getting one, if the Dell Lap Top, need much repair

7, Even the simple things I do with Tyros, Clavinova, and my computers, helps to keep my mind active,

Most important of all, even though I am a fit. active 81year old, who dances (after a fashion) and Plays Short Mat Bowls, (not to well) I have a group of people, I may never meet, who I think of as my friends, and of course, it is the members of Eileens Forum, and of Keiths, Crafty Music Forum,.

So thanks again

Ken P

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Graham from Derby
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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Graham from Derby » 18 Jan 2013, 12:13

First thing. Do not replace. There is nothing wrong with your computers only the operating system which is easy to fix. Laptop should have come with a repair CD that when run should bring your laptop back to basic operating system tto when you first used it. Desktop PC Have you tried system restore to a time when it worked?
Norton. There are plenty of free antivirus/malware dowloads that will work just as weell, in fact better. AVG Free version is very good and reliable.
Pity you are not near me, I could have sorted it fort you.
Windows 8 forget it unless you have touch screen. Any way if you are OK with the operating system you have why change.
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried

Ken Prescott
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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Ken Prescott » 18 Jan 2013, 17:02

In answer to Graham: As far as I know, I have never parted with the disks, that came with the Dell L T. I will dig out what ever I have, Sheila's son will look at this the week end of 26/7th Graham, the one thing I miss, is the personal touch of a friend living close to Norwich, who has the same interests.
As to system restore, it will not stay alive long enough for me to get into this.

As a group;

Bless you all.


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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Petedaniel » 04 Mar 2013, 11:08

I noticed that no one suggested using CCCleaner to remove unwanted programs. This is a free program to down load.and it does the job.
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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Deane » 04 Mar 2013, 15:21

There is another conversion program called ALL2MP3. It is free and works wonderfully.


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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by SteveR » 04 Mar 2013, 16:24

I must admit that I agree with all of Roland's comments about the iPad. I have an old (7yrs) Dell Inspiron which, like all of it's ilk has slowed down considerably, even though it has been well trimmed down in its content. This combined with the relatively low download speeds that we get for living in a rural area, means that patience has to be exercised in the extreme when surfing the net. Eventually I decided to update and got the iPad and now rarely use the Dell for anything other than correspondence. The iPad is as quick as I expect it could be and a lot more convenient for most things. It also has the benefit of not needing anti-virus software.
I've never got on very well with Norton, or McAfee and for a couple of years had AVG as my anti-virus software but after the experiences of a couple of friends I changed to another freebie called Avast. This has worked faultlessly for the last three years on the Inspiron and is one that I would recommend. I also run CCCleaner which seems to keep things running as well as can be.
Don't you just love computers?


Ken Prescott
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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by Ken Prescott » 12 Mar 2013, 12:17

Good morning friends: Bright sunshine through the window, here in Norwich. I am pleased to say that I can report both laptop and desktop are once again working well, Sheila's Son, had taken both machines back to a date in July, and then I assume, reloaded and cleaned up some programmes. I still had a minor issue with the desktop, so gave it to a local (private) computer store, who told me nothing that could not be fixed in less than one hour, and suggested that I put in a little more RAM. :P
Received it back the same day for less that £65 including the dreaded VAT.
Sheila's Grandson sold me one of his three monitors, 23" HP 2310i for the grand sum of £40, put the old 17" one in the workshop as a spare.
I have a camera and a microphone in the workshop, I will perhaps get that out and try to set iot up.
I Pad, I am sure that I do not need one, also know I can afford one if I wish, Watched Sheila's 20 month old great grandaughter, playing with her fathers. I was shocked at her skill at getting to the App she wanted.

Final word on the desktop: Shop staff said, over the years you have had a new motherboard, and hardrive, you do not need a new computer at all.

So thanks to all


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Re: Is it worth repairing

Post by abr250 » 12 Mar 2013, 14:03

Hi Ken
just browsing through some the posts on the forum and came accross this one ;)
so pleased that you now seem to have got things sorted out
you should always ask for help onn forums before paying a lot of money out and i can see
people have been trying to help you
Ken ask Sheila's son about a programme called "Teamviewer"
it is a programme which would enable him to take control of your computer
you install it on your computer then give him permission to access your pc
from his computer from his home
it may be of help Ken to sort out any problems ;)

about the great granddaughter and the ipad Ken
its surprising how these youngsters pick things up quite easily
my grandson just 21 months old can work the ipad
getting the apps on as well as you tube selecting the things he wants to watch
scrolling the screen seems easy to them :D

all the best
i use Avast antivirus on both my pc and laptop

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