Searching for music

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Searching for music

Post by Merry » 02 Sep 2014, 22:07

Hello Everyone,
I am a new member and wonder if anyone can help me find the music to The Miracle Song.
I heard DirkJan play it and loved it . I cant play by ear and would love the music but
so far Ive not found it on any of my usual sites.
Many thanks

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Re: Searching for music

Post by abr250 » 02 Sep 2014, 23:13

Hi Merry

quite a few songs that Dirk plays is difficult to obtain ;)

I recently posted a song that i had heard Dirk play (Blue Mountain. its posted in the performance section) ... =48&t=3111

its a very pretty song but try as I may I could not get the music for it

i tried 2 or 3 forums for the music.

so you may not have much luck sorry :oops:


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Re: Searching for music

Post by organeyes » 03 Sep 2014, 08:58

Hi Merry

Check your private messages.


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