Beginner easy books reccomendtions

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Beginner easy books reccomendtions

Post by ddmann » 27 Sep 2014, 16:40

In another thread below "Visited the music store today: PSR 443 a possibility" I asked about getting a keyboard and what the forum thought were good suggestions. While I am still looking for a PSR 3000 I did snag a rather old PSR 420 on the cheap and have been practicing scales and "fingering" exercises on it for the last two weeks. I did not realize how much coordination it takes to play a keyboard and am really enjoying the challenge.

While I was surprised at the amount of free piano lessons available on the net, I have noticed a distinct lack of sheet music on those sites. I have done several net searches for beginner music and find myself overwhelmed with the choices available. Can you folks recommend a few for me? I should tell you I am interested in mostly 50's and 60's era music at this point.

BTW I do have a printer so if anyone knows of a site with downloadable music I could print it out easily enough.
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Re: Beginner easy books reccomendtions

Post by Ed B » 29 Sep 2014, 01:32

Do a Google search for this
"easy play keyboard books"

About 6 or 7 down you will come across a book PDf "Easy Electronic Keyboard Music Play Now..." download it and this has some lead sheets and will get you started. Not 50's music necessarily.

Then do a search using this " Easy to play keyboard 50's songs pdf" on the second page you will find a book "The Ultimate Pop Rock..." download it This has early 50's lead sheets.

These should get you going and are intended for educational purposes. When you play a lead sheet you get the bare bones and most musicians embellish the melody a little when playing.This you will need to learn if you are using these professionally then I would buy the music and most music stores stock ez play books
Good luck
Ed B

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