Beginner easy books reccomendtions

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Beginner easy books reccomendtions

Post by ddmann » 27 Sep 2014, 16:40

In another thread below "Visited the music store today: PSR 443 a possibility" I asked about getting a keyboard and what the forum thought were good suggestions. While I am still looking for a PSR 3000 I did snag a rather old PSR 420 on the cheap and have been practicing scales and "fingering" exercises on it for the last two weeks. I did not realize how much coordination it takes to play a keyboard and am really enjoying the challenge.

While I was surprised at the amount of free piano lessons available on the net, I have noticed a distinct lack of sheet music on those sites. I have done several net searches for beginner music and find myself overwhelmed with the choices available. Can you folks recommend a few for me? I should tell you I am interested in mostly 50's and 60's era music at this point.

BTW I do have a printer so if anyone knows of a site with downloadable music I could print it out easily enough.
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Ed B
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Re: Beginner easy books reccomendtions

Post by Ed B » 29 Sep 2014, 01:32

Do a Google search for this
"easy play keyboard books"

About 6 or 7 down you will come across a book PDf "Easy Electronic Keyboard Music Play Now..." download it and this has some lead sheets and will get you started. Not 50's music necessarily.

Then do a search using this " Easy to play keyboard 50's songs pdf" on the second page you will find a book "The Ultimate Pop Rock..." download it This has early 50's lead sheets.

These should get you going and are intended for educational purposes. When you play a lead sheet you get the bare bones and most musicians embellish the melody a little when playing.This you will need to learn if you are using these professionally then I would buy the music and most music stores stock ez play books
Good luck
Ed B

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Re: Beginner easy books reccomendtions

Post by Little Jo » 30 Sep 2014, 21:34

Just read your post, you can download and buy sheet music from., just put in the songs titles and look for download. Then you can print it. Or a good company to you buy large print music, with the letters in the notes. The series is E-Z and it is published by Hal Leonard. They have an U.S.A site, where you buy every type of Music. There are some great 50's and 60's books available. They would post them out. Two other series of books are. Easy Keyboard Library and Easy Keyboard Collection. These have the chords shown on the pages, so you can learn them with each individual song.
Hope this helps.
Little Jo :D

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