Andy G's Festive Soup

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Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by andyg » 12 Dec 2014, 00:33

I make this for the family every year.
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Wally Z
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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by Wally Z » 12 Dec 2014, 01:28

It really looks good. It's too time consuming for me to make soup from scratch. I bet your family looks forward to Christmas Eve. A nice tradition for sure.

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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by Roland » 12 Dec 2014, 05:03

Hello Andy,

I didn't know you had the "Chef" in you too :lol: I love to cook and for the past few years my wife is just sitting back and tapping herself on her shoulder saying "that cook book I gave the old man a few years ago - just genius, pure genius of mine !!!" hehe.

That's a great recipe - I'll give that one a try these days. Hope I won't have to use Photoshop or Superglue to steadily park the spoon - :lol:

Great idea, and thanks much for posting !

Cheers, Roland
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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by plumbo » 12 Dec 2014, 10:49

Hi Wally,
and where do you buy this secret ingredient "scratch" ?

Hi Andy,
Looks good, sounds good,smells wife says that's definitely not a description of me.
Back to my bread and pull-it.

Andy , thanks for ALL your contributions which benefit so many of us.

Happy Christmas & a prosperous new year


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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by Eileen » 12 Dec 2014, 12:08

Hi Andy,
That looks and sounds delicious. I am now feeling quite hungry. Thank you for sharing this with us and have a very Good Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Genos and S970.

Ed B
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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by Ed B » 12 Dec 2014, 17:17

Hi Andy
Looks delicious ...
Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for all your contributions. Very much appreciated.
Best Regards
Ed B

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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by lenfas » 12 Dec 2014, 18:57

It looks delicious.

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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by Jan-Eve » 14 Dec 2014, 17:12

Hi Andy! The soup looks delicious! And I wish you A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
And thanks for all help during the last year!
Best Regards Jan - Eve.

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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by geoff » 15 Dec 2014, 22:14

Can it be posted Andy? If so I'll have some. Sounds good especially if you add more red wine. :D

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Re: Andy G's Festive Soup

Post by tyrosman » 19 Dec 2014, 00:27

hi Andy have a great Christmas can you send some soup up to scotland :) :) it looks yum

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