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News from The Unofficial YAMAHA Keyboard Resource Site

Post by joso » 15 Aug 2015, 11:35


Excerpt from my latest Newsletter at

New and Updated Software

A number of software programs have been updated to PSR S970 / S770 og S670 in the cases where this could be done from the data manuals.
I still need to update some programs; but for this I need your help! Please read below.

I have written a new software program: Single Note Volume Changer for changing the volume at a single note in MIDI and style files.
The idea came from a musician who wanted an easy way to change the snare volume.
The program can be use in all channels and all note (instrument) values.

My oldest software program midi2style has been totally re-designed and optimzed.
The program now handles all operations in 5 windows compared to 20 windows in the old version.
Furthermore a graphical (piano roll) MIDI file player has been added.

The Style In YEP Files software program will now extract styles from Tyros 5 PPI files too.

Read the full newsletter at


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