Flight case (and backache!) woes

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Flight case (and backache!) woes

Post by BigAl » 16 Mar 2016, 11:07

Quite a few gigs recently with my Tyros 5/61.

I have a Thomann "THON" flight case that ticks nearly all the boxes - not too expensive (cheaper than a Yamaha soft bag) very sturdy, perfect fit, reinforced corners...

The snag: with the Tyros loaded, its VERY heavy - but there is only one, central handle.

I use a folding sack truck to carry it (sideways - it's too high vertically) where there is room.

Extra "end" handles would enable easier handling by two people, including loading into vehicles. It is difficult/dangerous for one person to carry through doorways, up and down stairs etc.

Fitting "proper" extra handles doesn't appear feasible (except maybe by a specialist) - it would mean removing parts of the (glued-in) padded lining before drilling.

Has anyone found a solution to this type of problem using (e.g.) luggage straps with handles?

Salut from rainy France

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Re: Flight case (and backache!) woes

Post by David » 12 Apr 2016, 17:23

Hi Alec
I too use a sack truck, but I wrapped rope round the centre section, which lifts the case away, and leaves me space to put my hands on the handle.

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