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Post by Your Excelency » 26 Apr 2016, 09:02

No, Not those type.... :D I broke the base off my Tiger stool recently so had to borrow my grandsons... last Thursday I found a new one on ebay being sold by a company called IntaAudio (no email)? Anyway, for £25 I thought I'd take a chance? The stool is a named product "Adam Hall".... thinking it probably being another version of the Tiger I decided to give it a whirl.....Wow! how glad I am. It was waiting for me on my return from our Brilliant weekend learning more then I have ever learned about the T4 then I have in the 5 years I have owned one. (back to the stool) I am always very sceptical when buying this sort (or any sort) of product as there is so much rubbish on the market. This also boasted of a firm padded seat which appealed to me due to my present skeletal problems, anyway it arrived as I mentioned....I opened the very good and well packaged item and slid the 2 components (yes 2) out of the box, within as many minutes I was safely and comfortably seated upon my new throne ready to play the Triumphant March.... It all fits together with four bolt like holders and is as firm as anyone would want their stool to be, no creaking or bending at all, a Truly well made and quality item which has brought me a step of the way back to trust in humanity..... :D Take a butches at their website here:
Ebay link: ... EBIDX%3AIT

With all the rip off stuff being peddled around the globe this has really made it's mark for me, it just feels good: Hope this helps someone to make up their mind too..... ;)


PS maybe many will already know about these and I have just entered the 21st century within the realms of "kitbuying" eh?..... :lol: :lol:



Just to add: it is of German Manufacture so is a sample of one of the good parts from the war, they learned the quality engineering skills during that time and have just got better since..... I Love Germany... The country that is. ;)

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