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How to reduce pixels to enable a photo to be added to a post
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Free graphics editor

Post by Septimus » 06 May 2015, 23:23

Hi All,

There is an excellent free Photographic editing program called Gimp 2.8 which allows you to do practically anything you could wish to do, including re-scaling. ... s=gimp%202

It is a quite complex program but to reduce the size of a picture in pixels is very easy to accomplish.
Click on 'File' and load your picture.

If you wish to use only a part of the picture click on the 'Crop tool' in the 'tool box' and click on the picture to draw a rectangle around the area required and drag the sides of the rectangle to their precise positions, then press return.

To reduce the size in pixels, right click on the picture.
A sub-menu appears.
Hover the pointer on 'Image' and another sub-menu appears
Select 'Scale Image' to initiate the Scale Image window.

Here you can use the boxes to rescale your picture to the required size in various ways. The default choice is pixels so there is no need to make any more changes other than entering the number of pixels required. Both X and Y values will change together proportionately thus keeping the correct aspect ratio.

Click 'Scale' and you have your resized picture.
Don't forget to save under a different name so as not to overwrite the original picture.

Regards............ Gordon

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